We make GDPR portability programmable.
And It's open source.

Personal data is people's digital capital, but today they are locked into many platforms. GDPR.dev allows applications developers to help their app users to import all their personal data, and transfer them to other applications to unlock all their value.

Leverage your users' digital capital to build them better products

APIs to request GDPR data

GDPR agreement generator

Programmable GDPR Token

GDPR Agreement builder

GDRP.dev offers you tools to generate machine-readable GDPR compliant agreements. With this, you can create easily compliant permissions and authorization windows according to all the necessary 13 GDPR requirements as finality, jurisdiction, destination, duration, profiling etc....

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GDPR.dev gives you the specifications to generate GDRP JWT as tokens that includes as payload a machine-readable compliant GDPR agreement. As the contrat is serialized in the token, developers can stay compliant programmatically and manage easily users data regulations requests.

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GDPR OAuth 2.0 server

GDPR.dev gives you the reference design an the code of a decentralized OAuth2.0 server, that handles GDPR JWT. As the token are stateless, the GDPR OAuth server is able to get data from any resource server as any HTTP endpoint and grant access to any client application in a total decentralized way

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REST APIs & client SDKs

GDPR.dev gives developers access to data processors, to apply data models on users GDPR data downloads and make them requestable via a REST API. Also, GDPR.dev give clients SDKS to create easily client applications that will be able to automate data portability

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The OAuth token is a GDPR contract, the GDPR Contrat is an OAuth token

What if we build a decentralized and stateless data portability framework based on the defacto standards of the industry? This is why we have developed a ALIAS protocol and a GDPR token, a OAuth 2.0 implementation with JWT payloads as legal and compliant machine-readable contract agreements to transform law into code, and code into law.

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